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WORK EXPERIENCE Medical Officer in Indian Navy Sep’12 – Sep’17 • Principal Medical Officer at Indian Naval Ship Valsura, Jamnagar Aug’16 – Sep’17 o Upgraded & systemized the outpatient department system to streamline the flow of patients o Notified notifiable diseases (food poisoning, tuberculosis, leprosy) to Headquarter o Initiated and organized family planning surveys for 800+ eligible couples to reduce birth rate o Instituted sanitary round of residential area to ensure zero tolerance to vector borne diseases o Organized 8 health camps for specially-abled children & 4 blood donation camps thereby collecting 1000+ units of blood o Collaborated with Ahmedabad Cancer Hospital for screening camps of Cervical & Breast Cancer for early detection of the disease o Delivered a talk on antenatal care and lifestyle diseases attended by 160+ women • Medical Officer at Indian Naval Ship Dega, Visakhapatnam Feb’15 – Jul’16 o Supervised pre-flight medicals for 1800+ aircrew to ensure safe flying and healthy landing o Handled emergencies of crash on deck & fire on deck to reduce the mortality and morbidity o Facilitated search & rescue operation for missing aircrew during crash of helicopter by providing prompt first aid o Prepared Standard Operating Procedures for Cardiac Arrest, Status Asthamaticus, Status Epilepticus, Dog bite patient, A case of poisoning, Snake bite, Acute Headache, Shock for enabling the staff to proceed in an organized manner in occurrence of aforesaid case of mishappening • General Duty Medical Officer at Indian Naval Ship Circars, Visakhapatnam Jan’14 – Feb’15 o Incorporated special medical boards & release medical examination for 600+ low medical category personnel to enhance post-retirement benefits o Prioritized annual medical examination to ensure the physical & mental wellbeing of 2000+ serving personnel o Conducted medical examination of 2700+ candidates during recruitment of senior secondary recruit and artificers to ensure healthy recruits incorporation in Indian Navy o Organised blood donation camps on quarterly basis to ensure immediate availability during lifesaving procedures o Ensured hygienic sanitation, safe water & food handling and vaccination in post-disaster relief (after Hudhud on 12 Oct 14) to avoid occurrence of communicable diseases • Medical Officer at Indian Naval Hospital Ship Kalyani, Visakhapatnam Sep’12 – Jan’14 o Pioneered as Medical Officer Incharge of Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatology and Psychiatry o Organized health camp at outskirts of Visakhapatnam for 400+ villagers as an outreach program o Presented case of Basilar Migraine in command clinical meeting attended by 50+ medical officers to augment diagnostic & pharmaceutical skills o Attended weekly clinical meetings to keep myself rationalized on latest treatment protocols o Trained paramedical staff for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic life support & advanced cardiac life support guidelines to reduce the fatal incidents o Assisted in 300+ vaginal deliveries, 70+ cesarean sections, 4 complete perineal tears management, 9 forceps deliveries, 6 vacuum application, 15+ abdominal hysterectomies and 10+ vaginal hysterectomies in department of obstetrics & gynecology to remain upraised of surgical procedures o Assisted in 60+ gynecological procedures like copper-T insertions, dilatation & curettage and tubal ligation to enhance skills • Junior Resident in Department of Pediatric Surgery at Kalawati Saran Children Hospital, New Delhi May’12 – Sep’12 o Assisted Head of Department in evaluating 4000+ patients in outpatient department to initiate early diagnosis and treatment o Diagnosed cleft lip, cleft palate, bronchiolitis, viral induced wheeze, pneumoperitoneum, congenital dislocation of hip, phimosis, paraphimosis and abscess to initiate treatment and thereby reassuring parents o Analyzed 200+ babies of extremely low birth weight in neonatal ICU to promote kangaroo mother care and exclusive breastfeeding o Performed the examination of samples on daily basis for diagnosing the disease and assessing the effectivity of treatment o Integrated diagnostic methods and instruments to uplift standard of treatment o Inserted 20+ chest tubes to appropriate babies to relieve their respiratory distress o Communicated with patients and observed the improvement for further reporting o Assisted paramedical staff for betterment of babies to reduce under-5 Mortality Rate KEY SKILLS • Sound knowledge of medical terminology • Good command over handling medical equipment • Expertise in arterial, venous and central line insertion • Good in chest drain insertion and pleural tapping • Handling the diagnosis, treatment and referral of patients • Management of outpatient paramedical staff • Observed >40 and assisted in 25 intubations • Observed >60 and assisted in approximately 45 cardiopulmonary resuscitation STRENGTHS a) Excellent theoretical as well as practical knowledge b) Good knowledge of clinical practices and protocols c) Ability to handle variety of patients in critical situations d) Flexible & adaptable LANGUAGES KNOWN TO SPEAK: English, Hindu, Telugu & Assamese LANGUAGES KNOWN TO WRITE: English and Hindi

Specialty General Medicine Physicians
Degrees MBBS
Expertise gynecology
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Consultation Fees 500.00 INR (8.00 USD)
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SMC WAC, SUBROTO PARK DELHI CANTT-110010, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110010
Online Consultation Method(s) Whatsapp, Skype

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