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General Frequently Asked Questions
How can I register on Doc Aid as a Patient?
As a patient you can register by simply verifying your mobile number and filling basic details when you register first time.
Option 1: Click on Book appointment button on home page, then select country, state, city and Specialization department of the doctor and proceed to book appointment.
Option 2: You can register your account and can conveniently book appointment by login to the system.
If your number is already registered, then you will have to login before booking appointment.
You can purchase a subscription package to avail discount and manage your all appointments, their status, refunds etc through your dashboard after logging in and setting a password.
Please fill your mobile number for verification starting with +country code followed by 10 digit mobile number
How can I register as a Doctor on  Doc Aid?
Step 1: click on Doctor registration link on web home page or on mobile application
Step 2: Verify your mobile number
Step 3: Fill your basic details
Step 4: Fill your academic details along with soft copy of each degree certificate
Step 5. Accept terms and conditions and privacy policy
Step 6: Save your details
Step 7. Visit your registered email account to verify your email by clicking link in email sent by docaid
Step 8. You will be able to login as doctor only after you have verified your emails also
Step 9: After doctor login, complete your consultation details, daily OPD timings, bank account information and upload identity proof under KYC
Step 10. Wait for admin approval of your account and check your KYS status in profile
Step 11. You will get email after you are approved as doctor on Doc Aid and now you are ready to get online appointments and provide consultation
Step 12. You can purchase a subscription package if you want to get Pay on Visit appointments. No Doc Aid fee will be levied on your pay on visit charges.
How does the search for doctors by patients work on Doc Aid?
A patient can search doctor by Doctor's partial name, qualification, department, specialization, location (state/city/country), ailments or any keyword in doctor's profile. The patient can set the criteria in search and it will searched as per filled criteria at Doctors will appear in search only after they are approved by Doc Aid admin.
Why should I need to purchase a subscription package as a patient? Is it compulsory?
It is not compulsory to purchase a subscription package, but you will benefit from purchasing one. Under a subscription package, you will get a flat 10% discount on each appointment booking with any registered doctor on Doc Aid portal till the duration of package.
Why should I need to purchase a subscription package as a Doctor? Is it compulsory?
It is not compulsory to purchase a subscription package by doctors, but you will benefit from purchasing one.
Under paid subscription, you will get a maximum of pay on visit appointments also. No fee will have to be paid by you separately for those Pay on Visit appointments.
I am a registered doctor on Doc Aid. Can I complete my entire registration on app instead of web dashboard?
You can complete your registration on mobile app, but you shall have to visit web dashboard at for submitting your KYC proofs.
How to provide consultation via docaid? How I will come to Know if I have an appointment?
Once you are an approved doctor, you need to keep logged in to app on your device. When there is an appointment, you will get notification on your mobile if you are already logged in on the app.
You can also check appointment under appointment in your doctor dashboard at web as well in app. Your appointment schedule is also shown in the calendar displayed on your web dashboard after login at .
Once you have an appointment in your schedule on Docaid, You have to click on appointment, view the appointment details and then send some message to the patient or just call him via your selected method. You have to inform patient to be ready with the required app or method for communication and provide you his id(e.g. skype id, whatsapp id etc.) via send message feature with the appoinmtment. If you don't need to call the patient, then you can see his sent messages, reports etc. in the appointment details and provide all consultation through Docaid portal only. You can send reports, prescription via dashboard and also repeat prescription.
How do I make a payment?
Users can pay through different kinds of payment methods like, pay pal and pay on visit
Which Documents Do I need to upload to be approved as a Doctor on DocAid portal and apps?
- Govt Issues ID Proof (Aadhar card/PAN card/Driving Licence/ any other relevant document)
- Clear Photograph
- Practice License in the field of Expertise
- Degrees Certificates from Recognized Organisation
All documents must be readable in English Language
I am a registered doctor on Doc Aid.What to do if I am not approved by admin?
You need to visit your profile on web dashboard at and check the status of your KYC under your profile. You may need to upload your govt issued identity proof here and wait for admin reply for further proceedings. You can also send email to admin through help screen on the app or site.
How can I get online live consultation after I book an appointment on Doc Aid?
If you have booked appointment for online consultation, then doctor will call you via the communication medium specified at time of booking your appointment. You can view the recommendation by doctor on your patient dashboard after the appointment is over.
I am a Doctor. When can I request for fund withdrawals?
The fund withdrawal requests need to be submitted upto 7th day of a month and the withdrawal will be processed within the same month for valid payments which shall be processed on the condition of doctor's wallet having minimum balance of USD 50 for paypal account transfer and USD 150 for direct transfer to bank.
What are the various types of charges and fee to be cut from Doctor's earnings?
There are following types of charges that are applicable on doctor's earnings:
1. 20% admin fee will be cut from every online payment for appointment booking
2. Cancellation fee is applicable to all appointments cancelled by doctors and patients. It is 20% for patient and 10% for doctor.
What amount is cut if patient cancels the appointment or doctor cancels the appointment?
If Patient cancels the appointment, then 20% fee is cut from his/her paid amount and he/ she gets 80% as refund after cancellation and doctor will get 10% of the total fee in this case.
If doctor cancels an appointment, then 10% of admin fee is cut from the doctor's wallet and patient is returned full 100% of the paid amount.
Is there any processing fee levied on my withdrawal request from wallet?
Yes, it is 2-5% of the total earned amount depending upon transfer type .
Whom should I contact if I have any issue regarding Doc Aid?
You can submit your query through contact form on the help section or you can directly write email to
Your query will be addresses within 24 hours on working days.
Can a patient be refused a refund after cancellation of appointment?
Yes, doctor has right to refuse a refund if patient cancel the appointment frequently or after getting advise from doctor.
Is the consultation on Doc Aid secure?
All your medical history & online consultation done on Doc Aid is completely private & secure
Where can I check my appointments?
You will get notifications about your appointments if you have downloaded Doc Aid app and you can also check it on your dashboard calendar as well as under appointments on your dashboard.
Will the online doctors be able to solve my medical issue?
Our doctors will give you qualified medical advice on your health issues and help you identify next steps which may include further tests, a prescription or lifestyle tips.
How can I Get in touch if my app is not working properly?
If you find any technical issues or have queries or find difficulties on working from Mobile Apps, please get in touch via email

Because of the pandemic situation, people are working from home. It might take bit longer than usual to solve your issue and come back to you. In the meantime, you can use our web portal and get all the facilities from there.
Are your doctors qualified?
We have a strict verification process for every doctor on Doc Aid. Any doctor that you consult with is a verified medical practitioner with all their speciality documents manually verified by our team. We also take feedback from patients to ensure that doctors maintain high standards on online consultation.
How can I compare doctors on Doc Aid?
Compare Prices option is available on page which can be used by users to compare OPD fee of doctors working in same department in all countries, in the same country, in the same state or in the same city. But prices can be compared for one selected department only.
What's your money back policy?
We have a refund policy If you cancel an appointment in at least 2 hours advance, then we'll refund your money after checking with the doctor. A processing fee of 20% is applicable when appointment is cancelled by you.
Can I use this app in emergencies?
No. Doc Aid is only for primary care- the kind of problems that your family doctor can help you with. Doctors on this can only help you with consultation based and appointment based issues that can be shared in the form of messages, pictures and medical reports primarily. In case of a life- threatening emergency, please call an ambulance or head to a good hospital.