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Terms and Conditions
(Current version of Terms and Conditions is applicable with effect from March 1, 2020)
Welcome to Doc Aid - Your Online Doctor platform which is a product by Kodescraft LLC, USA and the Lam Aid Ltd, UK. This agreement is developed for binding the membership of the site users and it's legal terms. Doc Aid is an online platform that allows patients to book online appointment with the doctors of different departments. Doc Aid also allows doctors to provide a prescription to the patients online and it helps in eliminating the gap between the doctors and patients. Doctors registered on this website can handle online appointments anytime, anywhere.
  1. Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement.

    To use the Doc Aid Service you must register as a member on the Website/mobile applications ("Site"). The agreement is made in the form of an electronic contract that establishes the terms which bind legally and one must accept the Site use and become its member. You agree to submit your personally identifiable information by using the Service which can be used for collecting, processing, displaying and use the service for providing the Service.

    If you want to discontinue our services, you need to withdraw this consent and delete your account from Doc Aid.

  2. Eligibility.
    • Doc Aid is not responsible for any personal information shared by you intentionally or unintentionally.
    • By using this Site, you represent and warrant that you have the right, consent, authority and legal capacity to post the personal information of the member for whom Doc Aid is being searched.
    • This agreement applies to you whether you are a healthcare provider, medical practitioner including authorized associates.
    • This agreement also applies to you whether you are a patient or his/her affiliates/representatives and searching for a practitioner or medical health care (Doctor) through the Doc Aid.
    • In addition to this, this agreement also applies to the other users of the website as well.

    Moreover, this agreement also applies to the services made available by DocAid on the website and mobile apps to the users including the following:

    • For other users: Facility of creating and maintaining personal health portal, search for doctors or practitioners by name, department, clinic name, degrees, ailment, any keyword, country, state, the city made available by DocAid, to make appointments with doctors, engage with the doctors and share their data.
    • The services associated with the DocAid may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Doc Aid, and the Agreement will remain to be associated with the visit or the use of the website for availing the services and the information provided by the patients or users on the website at any given point of time.
    • Moreover, this agreement also defines the terms as well as conditions under which you are allowed to use the DocAid website and mobile apps and specify the manner in which we shall treat your account information if you are a registered member.
  3. Conditions of use

    You must be 18 years or older for registering with Doc Aid, use the services of the website and mobile apps. By using, visiting, and registering the website and mobile apps or accepting this agreement, you warrant and represent to DocAid that you are 18 years of age or older and abide & agree by this agreement.

  4. Terms of Use that apply to all Users/Patients
    The terms in this clause apply to the Users/Patients of the website and mobile apps only.
    • Data privacy and patient account

      The personal information or the sensitive personal data/information of the patients is protected and are reproduced in the privacy policy.

      • The DocAid, its services may gather information related to the devices through which the website and mobile app is accessed by the users. The collected information might be used for enhancing the services of the DocAid and for building new services.
      • The DocAid website might have access to the personal phone number, email of the registered users for communication purpose for providing better service and obtaining user feedback in relation to the services.
      • DocAd shall not be responsible for any authenticity of the personal information of the users in any manner.
      • The user is responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the access information of the account such as a password. Along with this, the user can notify the DocAid immediately for any suspected unauthorized use of the account password or username.
      • If the user-provided information is fake, untrue, or incomplete then DocAid has the reasonable grounds to suspect that such type of information is incomplete or untrue for discontinuing the services to the user at its sole discretion.
    • Disseminating information and listing content:
      • DocAid collects and displays information related to the doctors’ profile on the website and mobile apps such as qualification, specialization, visiting hours, location, fees, etc. DocAid takes into account the reasonable efforts for ensuring that such information is updated within regular intervals of time.
      • DocAid does not guarantee the completeness or the accuracy of any content or information provided by the patients or users on the website and apps.
      • DocAid may be linked to the websites of third parties, business partners, and affiliates and Doc Aid is also not liable for content, reliability and validity, made through this website.
      • We also assume no responsibility and shall not be solely responsible for any damage to the viruses, that might infect the equipment of the users on account of the user's access to the website browsing or downloading any material, such as image, video, audio, image from the website.
    • Interaction with the doctors and appointment booking
      • DocAid allows doctors to confirm the appointment booked by the patients and DocAid has no liability in case any appointment is confirmed but later cancelled by the doctor.
      • DocAid is not responsible and not involved in providing any medical or healthcare advice and is also not responsible for any outcome generated between the patient and the doctors after their interaction.
      • Doctors, Patients, Users and third parties also agree and warrant hereby to keep Doc Aid, Lam Aid, its affiliates, officers, sister concerns free from any legal dispute and damage on any outcome generated between the patient and the doctors after/ before their interaction.
    • Payment Terms
      • Appointment booking without online payment using Pay Direct appointment facility is available only with some doctors who have subscription on Doc Aid, not with all doctors.
      • Appointment booking with Online payment facility is available with all doctors listed on the Doc Aid portal and apps
      • Patients who make online payment to book appointment may need to provide their bank account details while making online payment on the portal of service provider/agency/bank etc, and thereafter Doc Aid and Lam Aid Ltd do not assume any liability and shall never be liable for any indirect or direct cost, expenses or loss suffered by users due to the use of third party service. This is because the third party selected by the patient for payment is an independent party and we have no control or access over any information or details mentioned/inserted by the users while making or attempting to make any payment.
      • Doc Aid and Lam Aid Ltd do not assume any liability and shall never be liable for any indirect or direct cost, expenses or loss suffered by patients in case of wrong information provided by him/her on Docaid portal and apps to receive the refunded amount.
    • General Terms
      • DocAid allows users to stay in connection with doctors by posting queries related to their health or health progress. DocAid also allows the doctors to monitor and respond to such queries in a secure manner using the provided portal.
      • DocAid also allows the users to post their queries only to the doctors with whom they have booked appointments and all the queries will be private which means that the queries will be sent to the intended doctor only with whom the user/patient is currently engaged.
  5. Package Upgradation/Downgradation

    Doctors can upgrade or downgrade their subscription packages on Doc Aid. While going for a new package their balance from the previous subscription fee, if any, will be deemed to have been consumed and will not get adjusted in new subscription. Their new subscription will start from the date of payment for new package.
    Patients or users can purchase any subscription package any time and their subscription will be added to the previous subscription. Their new subscription limit will be set to previous balance subscription period + new subscription period

  6. Account Security.

    You are responsible to maintain the login credentials’ confidentiality that has been designated during the registration process. You agree to notify us immediately regarding any unauthorized or disclosure use of your account or any other data security breach and make sure that you log out from your account after the session ends.

  7. Terms of use applicable to doctors

    Being a doctor you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    Listing Policy:
    1. All the information collected from the users of the DocAid website and mobile apps is considered for the purpose to facilitate interaction with the patients.
    2. DocAid is also not responsible for the ranking of the doctors on any external search engines and websites.
    3. DocAid shall not be liable if any inaccurate, inactive or non-existent profile of doctors is added to the website. We reserve the right of moderating the suggestions made by the Practitioners through feedback and right to removing any inappropriate, abusive or promotional content added on the website.
    Payment Terms:
    • Monthly Earnings/Commission and wallet:
      1. Doctor’s monthly earning will depend upon appointments booked by patients with that doctor and there will be no fixed salary provided by Doc Aid.
      2. The OPD fee charged to patients is entered by the doctors themselves. This fee is chargeable to the patients when they book appointment by paying online.
      3. Eighty percent of paid OPD fee goes to doctor’s wallet and 20% goes to Doc Aid Admin in the form of service fee and transaction processing fee cut by payment gateway from patient’s transaction
      4. The wallet amount of the Doctor will be withdrawn to the bank account or PayPal account whichever is provided by the Doctor through his/her dashboard.
    • Fund Withdrawal:
      1. The wallet amount in the doctor’s account will be credited immediately after appointment booking but will be transferred to his/her bank account once every month in general or on doctor’s request on earning minimum prescribed balance in the wallet.
      2. The fund withdrawal requests from a doctor’s available balance need to be submitted upto 7th day of every month if doctor is eligible for withdrawal and the withdrawal will be processed within the same month for valid payments which shall be processed on doctor's wallet having minimum balance of USD 50 for PayPal account transfer and USD 150 for direct transfer to his/her bank account.
      3. In addition to this, processing fee of 2-5% shall be levied on total withdrawn amount depending on the transfer type (bank account or paypal account).
      4. Doc Aid and Lam Aid Ltd. does not assume any liability and shall never be liable for any indirect or direct cost, expenses or loss suffered by the doctor if he enters wrong bank account details or other account details to receive his withdrawn payment.
    • Appointment Cancellation Fee:
      1. If doctor cancels the appointment 10% of cancellation fee shall be deducted from his available balance and full amount will be refunded to patient.
    • Subscription Fee and Terms:
      1. Doctors may purchase a package if they want to enable their patients to pay them directly and not necessarily through Doc aid portal online payment.
      2. Doctors will get maximum “Pay Direct” type patients as per mentioned under doctor Packages on their profile dashboard.
      3. Pay Direct appointment facility is available only to the doctors who have paid subscription on Doc Aid.
      4. Unlimited appointments by patients through online payment via Doc Aid are free for every doctor.
      5. Doctors need to make payment through online payment methods like PayPal or by providing bank account details after selection paid subscription packages. For any payment method opted by the doctor registered on Doc Aid platform for making payment on the portal of the service provider/agency/party and thereafter by entering the banking details on that portal, Doc Aid and Lamaid Ltd do not assume any liability and shall never be liable for any indirect or direct cost, expenses or loss suffered by the doctor. This is because the third party selected by the doctor for payment is an independent party and we have no control or access over any information or details mentioned/inserted by the doctor while making or attempting to make any payment.
  8. Rights and Obligations Associated with content
    1. DocAid hereby informs patients or users that they are not permitted to display, host, modify, upload, update, transmit, publish or share any information that:
    2. Violates any law for the time being in force and harms anyone in any way;
    3. Infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, or any other propriety rights;
    4. Impersonate other person and misleads or deceives the addresses regarding the origin of such communication messages which is grossly menacing or offensive;
    5. Threatens the integrity, unity, security, defense or sovereignty of any country, friendly relations with the other states.
    6. Contains any malicious computer code or software virus, files, or programs for interrupting, limiting or destroying the functionality of any computer resource;

    Users/patients are also prohibited from:

    1. Transmitting any information including hyperlinks, job posts, messages on or through the website and mobile apps that is competitive or disruptive to the services’ provision by DocAid.
    2. Attempting to violate the security or integrity of the DocAid or its content.
  9. Rights and Obligations Associated with content

    DocAid also reserves the right to terminate or suspend the access of the users to the website. We also reserve the right to exercise any other remedy available under law in cases where a third party reports the violation of any of its right as a result of the use of services of DocAid. We believe in its sole discretion that the actions of the users might cause legal liability for users.

  10. Terms of service-facility of online appointment booking
    1. Partners: The esteemed partners of the DocAid are doctors, clinic managers, or other healthcare/medical practitioners who are listed and have a profile on the website and mobile apps by complying with the terms of DocAid.
    2. Appointment Booking facility: Appointment booking facility is offered by DocAid to the patients for online booking with our partners.
    3. Objectives of facilitating online appointment booking: To reduce the visit time to the doctor’s office, and maximize the time for providing healthcare treatment to the patient.
  11. Refund policy for Doctors and Patients
    1. If patient cancel appointment with the doctor on frequent basis or after getting advice from the doctor, then doctor has right to refuse a refund requested by the patient.
    2. If doctor cancels the appointment himself, then patient will get full refund of the paid OPD fee
    3. If patient cancels the appointment himself, then 20% of cancellation fee Plus 2-5% processing fee of the total paid amount depending on the transfer type will be deducted and rest will be refunded to his/her provided account.
    4. In addition to this, our refund policy is applicable to the patients who cancel their appointment at least 2 hours prior to their appointment only.

Declaration for Patients/Users

All users and patients opting for online consultation and appointment booking facilities through Doc Aid web portals and Mobile applications are deemed to be making the following Declaration:


I agree to select and schedule appointments with doctors/healthcare providers registered with the Doc Aid app/website as per given norms. While selecting doctor or healthcare provider on this online live consultation platform, I understand and accept that:

  1. I am seeking medical consultation through Docaid and I am ultimately responsible for selecting my own doctor or healthcare provider and no one shall be liable for the selection of such healthcare provider or doctor through criteria developed and made available on Doc Aid app/website to make appointments or consultations with doctors.
  2. I will view the list or profile reviews of the doctors or healthcare providers who may be suitable for providing me healthcare services based on my information provided on Doc Aid website and apps.
  3. Healthcare professionals available on the Doc Aid website/app shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever services or healthcare treatment being provided to me, and I will solely bear all the consequences after availing healthcare services from the doctor or healthcare provider selected for booking appointment or online consultation. Also I understand that Doc Aid is merely a platform to provide a facility for doctors and patients for online consultation and so it will not be responsible for any consequences between the Doctor and patient and will be free from any obligation/ legal issues thereafter.
  4. I am aware and explained of the risks or health issues involved in treatment. I will be solely liable for any outcome generated between me and doctor after our interaction through live doctor consultation.
  5. I avail healthcare services from doctors through Doc Aid Online doctor consultation platform at my own risk. I agree to avail healthcare services including prescriptions, appointment booking, live online consultation, health checkups etc on my sole discretion.
  6. Further, I agree to share my previous health records if any, to doctors I have booked appointment online and get consultations online. However, I will be solely responsible for sharing my health records without any prior notice if they are found to be shared inadvertently or incorrectly.

You have read all these terms or use and you agree to all the above-mentioned provisions. For any query, contact the admin of DocAid.